Saturday, February 26, 2011

12 Months

Karter had her 12 month doctor appointment yesterday. Overall, it went pretty well. The doctor said she looks healthy, two more teeth are coming, which we knew. She is strong. She is impressed with how fast she walks. It is pretty hilarious.

But she also said that we need to go in for monthly weight checks since Miss K is so tiny. She weighs 15lbs, 14oz. She's itty bitty. She has gained 9lbs, 10oz since birth. The doc did say that she isn't concerned, especially since she hears how much she eats everyday, but she is going to keep an eye on it.

Before her appointment, we tried out a new-to-us sushi place. It was fantastic. Karter tried Salmon Sashimi for the first time and LOVED it. She was reaching for more. Awesome.

Here she is reaching for more sashimi.

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