Friday, January 14, 2011

10 Months.

K is 10 months old.

holy cow.

I can't even believe how old she is.


She is cruising all over the living room. Still not crawling, but at this point, I think it would be funny if she went straight to crawling. I just hope she walks before her first birthday.

She gives kisses. But really they are open mouthed slobbery fabulousness straight to your cheek. Hilarious.

She waves bye-bye and hi. She claps when you say, "clap your hands!"

She holds our hands and walks. She started to really love doing that this week. And last night she started only holding on with one hand.

She is still taking two fabulously long naps a day, 2 hours or so. Which is really fabulous for me.

She tries to copy our words but still only really says mama, dada, dog, and cat. But it is really funny when she points to something, you tell her what it is and she tries to copy you. Sometimes it sounds really close. If the item is too syllables she will make a two syllable sound. It is pretty cute.

Pictures to come

Last night I ordered her invites for her birthday party. I want to send them out by mid Feb. Now I have to grab a couple giant lollipops, make a list of food to make, eat, buy, and finalize the guest list.

I am trying to do this in stages so it isn't such a burden on the wallet come March.

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