Tuesday, November 30, 2010


We had a relatively low key Thanksgiving this year. Only 14 people. Perfection.

It was nice.
We shot guns off the porch kill the leaves floating down the river.
We ate.
We drank some delicious wine.
We had dessert.

It is quite tragic that this is the only family picture we have of us from Tgiving. I look like a beast. I wish I had told my sister a little but more. But alas, this is what we get.

My little sister, AKA Karter's biggest fan.

We were thisclose to eating dinner and K starts pulling at her ear and her headband - the first sign of sleepiness. It never fails.

She did make it to dinner. But, I swear, put food in front of her and she is a happy kid.

The whole dinner crew.

Good Times.

Monday, November 22, 2010

4 More Days...

...until our tree goes up! Woohoo!

Christmas Picture with Karter and Santa to tide you over.

Karter's Official 8 Month Picture in Daddy's Arms.

Timm says she is getting way harder to hold like this, she wiggles too much. We had approx 20 seconds before she freaked out and we got this:

Well, she is just going to have to start cooperating! sigh. We have at least three more of these to take before she turns one.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

A New Countdown

We're getting our Christmas Tree in 8 days!!!

So completely excited. It is just ridiculous.

Here we are last Christmas. I can't believe that this Christmas there is going to be a bitty baby here!

Mommy & Me Movie?

Yep, there are a couple local theatres do a Cry Baby Matinee. I went today with the Kikimonster, during naptime. And a friend came with me.

First, we saw Due Date. It was OK. I am generally not a fan of "stupid humor" movies. But since this one was produced by the same producers of the Hangover and the Crybaby Matinees only play one movie at one time during the week, we gave it a shot. And considering the situation, this movie was fantastic.

Second, we were the only ones there. Awesome. Not that we had to worry about our crying babies before, we really didn't now!

Third, they only dim the lights. It isn't as dark as when you go to a regular movie. This makes for super easy diaper changes - for which they set up a changing table. Fantastic! Need to find something in the diaper bag? Dimmed lights make it much easier.

Fourth, they didn't turn the sound all the way up. That was my favorite part. I never go to the movies. It is too expensive and so damn loud. I am just not a fan. I think I am going to go to the Cry Baby Matinee even sans baby.

Here is a link to the local Cry Baby Matinees. Totally worth checking out.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

8 Months.

I can't believe My Little Kikimonster is 8 months old. Where the hell does the time go?


Well, she's getting so big. She is still very petite, people always ask if she is 6 months old when were shopping. She is quite the little showstopper. She has blocked many a aisle at Safeway. Everyone talks to her. And she gives her big ole smile to everyone that walks by.

She's up to 15.5 pounds, up 9 pounds, 4 ounces from her birth weight. And she's a mighty 26.5 inches long, up 7.5 inches from birth.

I haven't taken her montly photo in daddy's arms yet. So instead some pictures from our impromptu weekend winetasting day on Sunday, her 8 month birthday exactly.

She had so much fun.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Halloween Tutu

We filmed Miss K in her Halloween tutu and playing with Timm's hat.

I just thought I would share some cute video of my little princess.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Parks, Swings, and Ducks.

Oh My.

We went to this super awesome fun park with a lake where you can feed the ducks and fish from the pier.

She loves the swings. But, even more, she loves watching the other kids play. She is always so distracted by them and she won't even look at us.

Finally we got her to look at us and she was so excited to be swinging.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Having a Moment

My dad has been a Giants fan since he was 7 years old.
That is 44 years.
That is 3872 games.
That is about 698,040 minutes.

He is hardcore. They are about the win the effing World Series. That is pretty amazing. My dad went to Game 1 of the final round. He almost cried. He has never seen them win the World Series.

I am excited.
I am excited for the Giants.
But mostly, I am excited for my dad.

This is a big day. A big day for Giants fans. I big day for Bay Area sports fans. But mostly a big day for my Dad.

After 44 years of watching the Giants play, he deserves this.

I have been a San Jose Sharks fan for 13 years. If they even made it to the Stanley Cup Finals, I would cry. If they won. I don't even know what I would do. I can't even imagine what my dad is feeling. Especially after 44 years of watching but never winning.

So here is to a win tonight. Take out the Rangers in 5 games. Sounds pretty good to me.

Although, it would be kind of nice to win it at home too. The streets of SF would never be the same. I think I would have to find a sitter for the Kikimonster and go sit in a bar to watch the game in the city. I would have to experience a World Series win in SF.

But I digress, GO GIANTS!