Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Baby Wearing

Since Miss K was so small when she was born, we didn't do a lot of baby wearing in the beginning. I didn't have a moby and she was too small to fit into the Bjorn. So we waited.

Well now that she is all of 11 pounds (HA!) and has head control, she can sit forward facing in the Bjorn. She loves it. She wasn't a fan of facing me too much, she handled it well but she didn't love it.
Now I never leave home without the Bjorn. She loves it. We go around the store and she wiggles her arms and legs like crazy. She loves the attention that she gets from the customers. They always comment on how cute her smile is, so I assume she is smiling in the Bjorn too.

Mama and Baby are happy.

But my favorite is grocery shopping with it.

When we have her carseat in the seat part of the shopping cart, I am too short to see over it. One time, when I was at Safeway, I almost knocked over an entire display of Sparkling Cider. How embarrassing that would have been! These two very nice girls saw it all and ran to catch the cider. Now if they had not been there, I would have been purchasing myself an entire display of broken cider bottles.

So I wear her while I shop and I can see. No more knocking things over as I wonder around the store. No more hoping someone will catch my almost tipovers. No more depending on Timm to push the cart.

Baby wearing rocks. And I don't have one of the super fancy baby wearing apparatus. Imagine if I did!

Monday, June 28, 2010

Some Pics

A couple weekends ago we went on a hike. I so love my BOB. K likes it too.

Playing with Daddy. She totally looks like she is cracking up. But they are silent laughs!

The new high chair/booster chair. She sees the toy, she just can't seem to grab it yet.

The new mobile. She likes it!

Monday, June 21, 2010


No Disneyland.

My friend gave her tickets to someone else. I am super bummed. I was so excited.

Oh well. Maybe something amazing will come up on craigslist that I won't be able to pass up.

Maybe we will make it a one year birthday extravaganza and go on Super Bowl Sunday, a little early for her birthday but Super Bowl Sunday is Disneyland's least busy day of the year. I love when you don't have to wait for rides. And Miss K will probably like it better when she is a bit older.

Still sad though. Boo.

Sunday, June 20, 2010


Woohoo! We're taking the Kikimonster to Disneyland. I have a friend who is giving her leftover parkhopper tickets to Disneyland. We're taking them and heading south!
On Friday night!

Gotta love impromptu trips. They're my fave.
This will be our last trip to Disneyland that will be all about Timm and I. Since the next one will be about meeting the characters and riding the kiddie rides. We plan to take full advantage of having a baby too small for rides.

I am also excited to watch the new show!
Here are some pictures from our last trip to Disneyland - Sept. 07? It has been too long.

So it is quite hilarious that everytime we go to Disneyland Goofy attacks Timm. Literally. He comes up to him and puts him in a headlock. I don't know why. But it is hysterical. Maybe it is because they are the same height?

Love the California Screamin' roller coaster!

I am super excited for this weekend!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Feel Good Friday!

Success at the scale!

Finally, I am making progress! I am down 1.5 pounds this week! Woohoo! I hope now that I have talked about it I haven't jinxed myself.
I finally feel like spending all this time at the gym is paying off. However, I still feel huge. I don't see any differences in my body.
Seeing a change on the scale does help though. It does make me feel like something is happening. I am moving in the right direction.
And in honor of Feel Good Friday - Tammy took this picture of Miss K and I while in SF doing the tourist thing.
Here we are at Lombard Street.
This is my favorite picture of K and I together so far. Thanks Tammy!
Tammy and I had such a great time while she was out here visiting. We went winetasting! Gosh, how I miss winetasting. I kept thinking, I am so happy to be winetasting again!

We hung out at my mom's house on the river with Charley and our leftover winetasting snacks.

We went to the place I Only Dream of Going. This place has an amazing view of the Golden Gate Bridge.


And I never knew where it was. I had seen it in movies, pictures, and shows. I had heard about it from tourists. But I had never seen it. When I asked my friends about it, trying to explain what it looked like, nobody could tell me what it was called or where it was. It became the illusive place. One I knew exsisted but I couldn't find.
One day my cousin and I were taking our pups out for an afternoon beach day. And we were going to a beach I had never been to before, she goes there all the time though. We took the last exit you could possibly take before getting on the bridge. We rounded a corner and there it was. The place that I had heard about, seen in movies, asked about but never got any answers before! I squeeled with excitement and said, "OMG, that is the place I only dream of going!" My cuz totally laughed at me and thought I was joking. I was not. I was serious.
But I had finally seen it. So we had to stop on our way back and take some pics. And that's how it got the name The Place I Only Dream of Going.
Although, now I should probably call it The Place of Only DreamED of Going. Since I have been there a couple times now.
But you know, it never gets old.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

I Want to Go Swimming.

It is so hard to live on the river and feel like a whale.

Last night we took the dogs swimming and I was so hot standing there. I just wanted to jump in. I didn't wear my bathing suit of course. I don't have one that fits or that doesn't expose my delightful array of stretch marks.

Post pregnancy body is so gross and so hard to get used to.

It is terrible.

Nobody tells you how awful you feel after pregnancy when your body doesn't bounce back easily. I am three months post partum and still huge. I still look pregnant. I am just waiting for someone to say, "so, when is your baby due?" I will cry. Even though I am expecting it, I will cry.

It is a good thing she's cute. But the more I think about it and the longer it takes to get back to feeling normal, the more I want to get my tube tied. I love her to peices but I never want to go through this again.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Anyone Heard of The New Rules....?

Has anyone ever heard of this book/plan/workout?

I am interested to see if it works. The book isn't very expensive. Of course the closest library that has it is about an hour away. I may as well just buy it if I am going to drive that far to borrow it.

It has good reviews on Amazon. And I need to change my workout something fierce since I can't get going on this weightloss thing. I have been stuggling with the same five pounds for weeks. I can't deal anymore.

I usually do 40 minutes of cardio and 20 minutes of weights. Completed with a fab shower and even better steam. I swear this is the only reason I go to the gym. I love that steamroom. I workout about 5-6 days per week and I have been following weight watchers for nursing moms.

Sidenote - I really hate the term nursing moms. I hate it when people ask me if I am nursing. I cringe. I don't know why I have such a hatred towards it. It really gets on my last nerve.

Anyway, my diet hasn't been that bad. I eat when I am hungry. I have been eating lots of fruits and veggies. I add protein to every meal, even if it means drinking a nasty protein shake-usually I eat some chicken, an egg, or something to avoid those shakes.

And yet here I lie, 15 more pounds of baby weight to lose.
Almost 3 months post partum.

My body doesn't bounce back from pregnancy well. Just another reason to not have another child. I never want to feel like this, look like this, or lose the weight again.

And gotta have a pic.
I am sure you have seen enough of Miss Karter with a K.
So today, my puppy.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Oh boy.

Miss Karter had decided that she isn't a fan of the bottle anymore.

What the hell?

She took a bottle on Sunday and Monday it is a no go? This is really going to mess with my gym time.

In fact, today they paged me at the gym and I about had a heart attack. Then my sister was on the other end with a poor screaming baby in the background. She sounded distraught, my sister did. She said she wouldn't take a bottle, she changed her clothes, let her hang aound naked, and tried the bottle again and no success. She had been crying for about a half hour. So I had to leave the gym. Luckily, I had been doing cardio for 40 minutes so I didn't feel too bad about it. But I had to skip the steam room. That was a bummer.

Now, what the hell am I going to do? I am supposed to go wine tasting this weekend. And not being able to taste the wine is going to be a bummer. I am really looking forward to a fab wine experience.

So I have four days to work it out.

This is my first plan of attack...
Timm gets to feed her more bottles when we're home together. When I am home alone I will feed her a bottle a day. And I will try to pass her to other people to eat off the bottle too.

If that doesn't work, I haven't worked out a second plan of attack.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Hanging at Home

I can never get enough of this face. She is the cutest!

We were all in our jammies and we were all outside, so I insisted that we take a family picture. We just don't have enough of these.
Charley wasn't so thrilled.
And yes, I really am that white. And no, I don't tan.
Tummy Time Success!!
Thanks to the boppy.

I really was angry at the boppy. Everyone I talked to said it was such a great thing. They use it all the time. There isn't anything you can't do with it. This boppy pillow was talked up like crazy. All I ever heard about was how great it is and what a fab breastfeeding pillow it is.

Well it made my back hurt like crazy when I used it to breastfeed.
She wouldn't sleep in it.
She wasn't happy if I let her sit in it and played with her.
She is too little to sit up in it.

I wasn't using it. And I hate not using things that were paid for. It really frustrates me. I am not a fan of wasting money.

But Miss K also hated Tummy Time on the floor and we didn't get a special tummy time mat - which I am not sure was going to help her anyway. Then using the boppy was suggested to me, and VIOLA! Miss K will tolerate tummy time.

And I am glad that I am friends with the boppy again. And money wasn't wasted on something that wasn't used.


Sunday, June 6, 2010

Loving the Gym

I broke down and got a gym membership to the fancy gym my mom goes to. And it is fabulous. I am loving every minute of it.

The TVs on the treadmill - amazing. I so miss that. And it is the only time I get to watch CMT or TLC since we don't have cable at home.

The steam room - nothing is better than ending a workout with a good ole steam while conditioning my hair.

No mirrors - I hate gyms with mirrors. I really don't want to watch myself, or the guy next to me, work out. Ew.

So it is costing me an arm and a leg, and I probably can't really afford it. But I feel like it is for my own sanity right now. I have to lose the baby weight. I need some time to myself. And I need to feel like my body is my own again. Although, I know that is a big, fat lie since I am breastfeeding and still constantly worrying about getting enough protein, vitamin D, and iron so my little K isn't missing anything. But the false sense of it all keeps me going.

And it is nice to not worry about the baby for a couple hours a day. I can completely let my mind wander while I am there. When I am with K, my thoughts are stuck on her.

Coming home all relaxed from the steam room and seeing this cute little face is such a bonus too.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Still Bitter.

I just have to get this off my chest.

I am bitter I had a C-section. I know there was no way around it. And it really did make labor insanely easy - recovery sucked ass but that's another story. But I am pissed I will forever have a scar there. I know, nobody will see it. And my bathing suit will cover it. But I hate it. But maybe when I get my mommy makeover, they can use that scar for some kind of decoration.

I am bitter that K was born on 3.14. Any other fucking day in March would have worked. But she had to choose my grandma's and dad's birthday. I mean, really? I wanted her to have her own birthday. Everytime I think about it, it makes me so angry. I try to ignore it. But next year when we have three cakes on her birthday, I know I will be angry on the inside. I don't know how to get over it. Especially since my grandma and dad say, "She was the best birthday present ever." All. The. Time. It will never stop pissing me off.

I really want to get over these things. But there are constant reminders of how annoying they are.

The scar is there everytime I get in the shower.
My grandma wants to celebrate their birthdays together next year. She's already talking about it.

They say, "this too shall pass." But will I ever get over it? I am just going to keep on trying to ignore it.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Trick Baby

I totally got one. Timm actually said the other night, "maybe we should have another one. She needs a friend." Well, when he can pop a kid out of his uterus and deal with the body drama afterward, then we can talk another kid. Until then, there will be no more kids from me.

She totally got him though. She's a baby that is so good, it makes you think you want another one.

I don't actually want another one. The thought hasn't even crossed my mind. But if I did or was considering another one, she would totally have me thinking I could handle it.

The Kikimonster doesn't hold up to her nickname. Monster she is not.

She sleeps from about 8:30-5, from 5:15-7, and from 7 -10ish. It is great. I have time to do all my chores in the morning and then I have the rest of the day to play with her.

She rarely fusses. Usually if she is fussy there is a reason, I have never not been able to make her happy. Except for at the beginning when my milk was coming in and she wasn't really eating. But that doesn't count.

She takes a couple 15-30 minute cat naps throughout the day. So I get small breaks to eat and take a shower (although I usually do this between the 7 and 10 nap) or workout.

She just gets more and more fun as the days go by. She is super smily in the morning. She is starting to like toys. She loves to read the Giving Tree (I don't know how to underline here, ha!). Which is fun for me, I love that book. Taking walks or going on runs is her favorite pasttime.

Trick baby she is. This is the kind of child that makes you think you can handle another one. Then the second is a colicy nightmare, that you can never consol and you feel terrible for and makes you feel like a bad mommy. All while having to chase after another kid, usually toddler. It just isn't fair.

And the poor families that have the colicy babies first? I can't believe they go back for round two.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

If I Needed More Motivation to Workout...

I don't anymore.

I saw a picture that a friend posted of me from a bridal shower that we went to a couple weeks ago and I am as big as a fucking house.

I cried when I saw that picture.

I disgust myself.

You know, I never really was skinny to begin with but I have never been this big.
I have no idea what else to do.

I am working out for at least 30 minutes a day, usually an hour, and eating clean and within my calorie limits. I haven't lost any weight. I don't feel any changes in the way I look or feel or with how my clothes fitting.

The only thing I have to go by is that I have only been allowed to work out for 4 weeks (we're going into week 5) and everythng I have read online says 8 weeks to really see changes. So I am banking on that. 4 more weeks of working out. And if I still don't see changes, then I have no idea what to do.

So say Hello to my only child.

I am not having another. I never want to feel or look like this again.
I am seriously considering getting my tube tied. For which they should give me a discount since I only have one.