Friday, May 28, 2010

Customer Service

I have experienced amazing customer service and terrible customer service in less than a week of each other.

We'll start with the great - Fleet Feet

I went to get fitted for new running shoes. Since I trained for a marathon in my last shoes and have had a baby, it was time. Anyway, the lady that was fitting me was awesome. She explained to me all about my shoes and my feet. She was patient while I ran around their indoor track and took the shoes outside to test them out. I tried on 4 pairs of shoes and had each of them on for at least 10 minutes. She never pressured me to take them off. Or hurry up.

After I decided on a pair, they put me in a room with a couch to breastfeed Starving Kiki. They also gave me some pie, they were celebrating a birthday. Then to top it all off, they sent me home in the try on socks.

It was a great day.

Then I went to a bridal salon in Santa Rosa to pick up the dresses for my bestie's wedding. I literally waited for 15 minutes before anyone even acknowledged me. Then when they finally did, they couldn't find all my dresses. Then they couldn't find the sashes. Then they found the sashes and I was still missing one. Then they told me to come back on Wednesday to ask the owner where the other sash was. They couldn't find it. Then they tried to tell me that none of the dresses had been paid for, not even the 50% deposit. Which wasn't true, two of the three dresses were paid for in full and the third only owed $70. It was a complete nightmare. Karter was freaking out. I asked if I could use a dressing room to feed her and they told me that those rooms were for brides. Well obviously, but there was only one bride in there and there are 5 dressing rooms. I just took one while they were trying to find the ivory sash.

It was awful. And I left without the ivory sash. And we still have to pick up another dress. I don't ever want to go back there.

This is just another reason I am glad I didn't go the traditional route for my wedding. GAH.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The End of BootCamp

Mommy BootCamp was fabulous. Tomorrow is the last day. We are taking our fit tests again. We took them on the first day and the instructor recorded our results. Now we are taking them again tomorrow. I am hoping that I cut a minute off my mile. But we will see. I can also hold a plank now for 45 seconds. I haven't made it to a minute yet but I am almost there! Woohoo!

My instructor, and Nicole, have inspired me to do a Sprint Triathlon. I think I want to do the Tri Girl, Triathlon in Napa in October. That should give me enough time to train. But there is one in Pacific Grove that also looks interesting it is in September. So I have a decision to make.

Maybe I will do both.

My friend is going to train for a half marathon with some coworkers. I kind of want to do that but I think that a Sprint Tri will be way more fun. Besides, I need an excuse to get this super expensive gym membership anyway. It has a pool and I won't be able to train in the river in September and October.

And because I have to post a is the Kikmonster and her faithful pup!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

A 4th Birthday Party

We had Timm's neice and her mom and dad come over for Samantha's first birthday party. It was supposed to be at her great grandparent's house but they had a family emergency. So we did a little improv. and had it at our house a day later.

I think she loved it...make your own pizzas, a turtle cake, and presents! Who doesn't love presents.

She insisted on being called "Princess" - since it was her day to be a princess. I wish I had bought a tiara for her.
Of course, we had to get the obligatory, "older cousin holding the younger cousin" shot.

With her turtle cake. I just realized that the "4" is backward in the camera! HA!

She is looking so mischevious in this she is going to break into the cake at any minute and eat it all!

How about a bite of cake?!

The sugar high after the cake and ice cream.

Not to worry, it went away when it was time for presents!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

2 MOnths!

I can't believe she is two months old! It is craziness. Fun too.

One week
1 Month
2 Months!

She has grown so much! She is too much fun.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

So tired!

Last night the Kikimonster didn't sleep at all. She was up every hour. Let's hope this habit doesn't continue. She was a monster at bootcamp today. I only stayed for 40 minutes and she cried the entire time. I had to give up. It breaks my heart to hear her cry like that for so long. I kept thinking that she would get over it. But she didn't. Tomorrow I am bringing my little sister to bootcamp. Hopefully that will help. She can entertain and I won't have to leave early.

I have been a workout fool lately. Getting back in the swing of things after being pregnant is so hard. Even though I walked and lifted weights every other day during pregnancy. My mom is a member of a super fancy gym. I need to be a member of that gym. I love it there. We were there during peak hours and I never had to wait for any machine. There is a steam room. I love steam rooms. I never want to work out again without heading to the steam room after a work out.

I will be juggling the funds to get in on this gym action too. But I have to be done with bootcamp first.

I tried Spin yesterday. And my butt is so sore. I ride horses and my tush is still sore from being on the bike for 45 minutes. Other than that, I loved it! I can't wait to be a member and do it again.

And just because...a picture of the Kikmonster!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Boot Camp

So today is day three of Mommy & Me Boot Camp. So far so good.

The instructor has no personality. At all. She is too quiet for my liking. I wish she has a bit more energy and turned the music up a little louder. She is too worried about bothering the neighbors.

There aren't any. We are on a giant field.

Anyway, the first day I came home dissappointed. No personality and she's not as skinny or athletic as I expected her to be. I was thinking throughout the class that there is no way this is going to work if the instructor isn't super athletic. But then I remembered that I will get out of it what I put into it. So who cares what she looks like.

The next day I found out she is pregnant. With a little girl. So that means she is at least 19 weeks along.

God I am a bitch. Talking shit about a boot camp instructor being fat (although I never actually said that, but still!) and she's pregnant. Thank goodness I never said anything to her. I am a horrible person.

But she could still use a bit more personality.
Look how tiny the Kikimonster is on the couch! HA!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Dog Party & Doc Update

So the dogs had a birthday party almost a month ago. It was hilarious.

So I went to the doctor when I was 5.5 weeks post partum. Got the OK to workout and have my normal life back. Then we made the next appt to get an IUD. My doc warns that it isn't a pleasant experience and it might be a bit painful so take two Tylenol before leaving the house.

Fast forward to insertion day. We are heading out the door and I had left over Darvocets from the C-section. So I pop a Darv and we're out the door.

The doc calls warning me to take my Tylenol, it is going to hurt. I thought, "hey, I'm fine. I took a darv."

We get to the doc's office and she walks in. We have this convo:

Her: So this is going to hurt. You did take your Tylenol, right?
Me: Yes. I took it right as we were leaving.
Her: OK, good. This is going to feel like labor pains and it hurts really bad.
Me: So should I not do it?
Her: Well let's just see what happens. Timm, do you get faint or lightheaded? Maybe you should sit down for the procedure.
Timm: No, I will be fine.
Her: Are you sure? You are a pretty tall guy and I don't want you fainting and hurting yourself.
Timm: No, I am fine. I will stand here.
Her: Well this is going to be painful for her and she is going to be uncomfortable. Are you going to be OK with that? Is that going to freak you out and make you faint?
Timm: No.
Me: Ok, let's just get this over with.
Her: Well, Ashley, this isn't a quick and painless process. This is slow and planned and painful.
Me: Forget it. I am not doing it. We're done here. You're freaking me out.

WTF. Seriously. There was like a 5 minute talk about how painful this is going to be. What the hell is her problem? I am wondering if she wasn't comfortable with the procedure or something. That was ridiculous.

So now I have no stinking birth control because she sucks. And I am scared now. That bitch. I am so changing gynos now.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Tequila Tacos?!

In my giant effort to lose this post baby weight, we will be cooking dinner only from the Cook Yourself Skinny recipe book.

That and we're bored with our go-to faves.

Last night we had Tequila-Lime Shrimp Tacos with Pineapple-Mango Salsa, and Spicy Black Beans

Um, delicious! My only complaint was that the it wasn't the salsa wasn't spicy enough. I added a serano pepper and got the heat I was going for. We also added a little bit of African Bird Pepper to the shrimp. So delicious and very spicy. This recipe without the additions we made isn't spicy at all.

My favorite part of this recipe was flambing with the tequila on the shrimp. So, so fun and so, so yummy!