Sunday, August 30, 2009

Pros To Being Pregnant

I need this today. This weekend I missed two fun parties. My bestie with went San Diego with her boyfriend and two other super fun peeps and my aunt had a wine and cheese party with dogs out at the beach. I missed them. Both of them. I am sad. Part of it is because I am not showing yet and the other, bigger part is that we haven't told people yet.

So pros -
A baby at the end of 9 months!!! - but doesn't that go without saying?
No hangovers.
No drunk sleep.
No wasted days being hungover.
Money saved spending it on booze.
Learning to be patient with drunk people - I am really terrible with this when I am sober and those around me are wasted.
Getting to gain weight without being looked down on.
Craving food and then when I finally eat it, it tastes so much better than before.
A baby.
Watching Timm get excited about having a baby and looking at the baby pictures.

I guess that's all for now.

Happy Birthday to Dar! I am making Tropical Carrot and Coconut Cupcakes with Cream Cheese Frosting. Delish!

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Ultra Sound Pictures

Here they are!

Our little kidney bean. That's about how big she (we hope!) is, so she gets a nickname. My dad calls me kid, so I figured kidney bean works well.

Our first doc appt went really well. We saw the little heart beating and the umbilical cord was pulsating. Kind of weird but that's what we saw. I think it made it more real for Timm so that's good news. He is super excited and seeing the pictures made him really happy. He wants to go to every appointment. Although I did excuse him from the next appointment since it is all physical. You know, the pap etc. He doesn't need to be a part of that. If he gets off work early enough then he said he will go. I think I offended him when I told him that he didn't have to go to that appt. We will also meet our doc that time, so maybe he should go. Hmmm. I guess I should reschedule.

Seeing the little one was so fun. I can't wait to see her again. But that won't be until 11/11, when we get to find out if we are having a baby girl or baby boy.

Keep thinking those little redheaded girl thoughts!

Friday, August 28, 2009

It's Been a While...

Three weeks actually and I've got nothing.

This time last week, we were enjoying ourselves a little Belizean sunshine. Today? Not so much. It is foggy and cold. It's always a harsh, harsh welcome back to real life. Being in Belize and being 7.5-8 weeks pregnant was tough. Especially with my eating problem. You see I am just not hungry. Or I get a tiny bit hungry and decide to eat and nothing sounds good so I just don't eat. Probably not a good plan. But hey, it is what it is. You can get any kind of food you want in Belize, which is interesting. Yes, even Chinese food. Awesome. But that didn't help with my food problem. Then I craved salad. So we went to this fabulous little restaurant and got a salad (it was huge!) and a burger with fries. Delicious. Then we got a salad to go to have with our pizza for dinner that night. Things went down hill from here.

Timm and I woke up the next morning with the runs. Ew. Sorry if TMI, but that is the reality that we faced. We decided that it was bad enough that we didn't want to leave our fabulous little cabana that day. It was too risky. The though of chance of not having a bathroom was pretty horrendous. So we laid low. Timm's runny poops were better the next day. Mine? Not so much. I was runny until 3 days after we came home. Ew. But it is over now. And I am happy again.

Yesterday I finally wanted to eat. And I did. Not very much but not forcing food down because it seemed like a good time to eat was fabulous. I had a 1/2 a bagel with cream cheese for breakfast, for lunch Velveeta Shells and Cheese (and it was damn good too) with carrots. And for dinner lasagna. Oh to want to eat again was great. But today it seems like I am back to the not wanting to eat nothing sounding good plan. Oh well. You win some, you lose some.

But as far as the whole pregnancy thing goes, I think I am doing pretty well. I haven't actually been sick (whew!), I haven't had any weird mood swings (well that are out of the ordinary, you know how red heads get), and I have lost weight. 3 pounds but I will take it.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Check us out! We're pregnant! Woohoo! 6 weeks today. It's going to be a long ride.

The fam doesn't know yet. We are going to pretend we found out in Belize since we are headed there on our honeymoon in 10 days!! Eeeks! Just imagine the preg test with the fabulous Belizean background = perfection! Besides we will be farther along at that point and my grandmother is going to go NUTSO and we want to avoid any and all chances of her having to deal with a miscarriage. We aren't sure how she would handle that. It might devastate her. Our first appt is 8/24 and we plan on sending everyone little bibs and pics of the sonogram. So here's to hoping we get one!

So I wouldn't have even known we were pregnant had we not been trying. I felt like period symptoms were going on. Sore boobs and just plain sleepiness. Well when I was a day late for my period we tested and in less than 30 seconds it came up with the absolutely joyful word "pregnant." Totally weird. I thought we were broken since we haven't been on birth control since February 2008, there were no scares in a year and a half. So when I showed Timm the test, "OMG, we're not broken!" was what came out of his mouth...along with a huge smile of course!

And can I say that my boobs are STILL sore. Yep, we're on week two of "you better back the fuck up off my boobs or I might knee you in the balls." Poor, poor Timm. And morning sickness, what's that? I feel FABULOUS in the morning. It is nighttime that I hate. Nausea, lightheaded, dizzy when I stand, and oh yes, there isn't a food in the world that sounds appetizing, except for that one night I ate an entire box of Pasta Roni. Yep, I am not proud of that one but it was damn good and the only thing I ate that day. Then there was the day I ate popcorn for lunch. Delish.

And what is up with the discharge? For real, go the eff away. Pantyliners everyday is a bit ridiculous. Hopefully that ends soon.

Other than that and some random cramping, we're doing pretty good over here. This morning Timm said goodbye to the baby and rubbed my tummy. Awww, sweet.

Yes, think little pink thoughts! We want a baby girl.

And while you're at it, think red thoughts too. We want a little red headed girl!