Sunday, May 31, 2009


Caribbean Villas Resort in Ambergris Caye in Belize.

Yup, we changed our plans again. I am so OK with this though. I have an incredible fascination with Belize and I want to go there ridiculously bad. When we were looking at places to get married. I was having dreams of Belize. So hopefully it lives up to my dreams. In my dreams it is effing amazing. Can't Wait. August 14th can't get here fast enough.

*All photos credit to the website.

The Bathroom.

And the story behind it.

When my mom bought this house 14 years ago it was quite the fixer. She got it cheap and my stepdad was a contractor. So it was a good deal. But the bathroom took a back seat to all the remodeling/fixing up that they did. By the time they got around to it, they were sick of redoing and had run out of money. You see it has this horrible pink and blue tile. We embraced that shit. My 9 year old self, my 2 year old little sis, and my mother rolled up socks, stuck them in three different shades of blue and proceeded to sponge paint the walls and then we painted fish on the walls and so became Fish Land. It has never been the same since.
In those 13 years that the bathroom has been Fish Land, there have been many opportunities to remodel it. I have thrown every excuse out there to not do it and I have won every time. I have come to the conclusion that we have to do it though. While I am sad to see Fish Land go, I am excited about our first "married" or "adult" thing that we are going to do...remodel the bathroom. Timm and I, alone, are going to tackle this.
So without further ado, pictures of Fish Land.
This is the view looking into fish land. The shower is behind the door on the left, in a black hole. Seriously the darkest shower ever. The foot of the tub is directly across from the toilet.
This is the back of the door, not the shower is on the right. See I told you it was called Fish Land.
Here is a close up of the curtain rods. They are realisticly made out of driftwood which we picked up when we decided to take a family trip to the beach. This curtain rod is above the toilet.
This is the other curtain rod, to the left of the sink and directly across from the shower.
This is directly above the facet for the tub.
This is a picture looking down at the floor of the fabu pink and blue tile. I will be so happy to remove this. Believe it or not I mopped yesterday. OMG. It is so stained and chipped and nasty. Can't wait until its gone!


Who was productive yesterday? US!

I am so excited. We have ridiculously tall cabinets under the counters. There is like a foot of unusable space. The cabinets are 24 inches tall and there were no shelves. Until yesterday! Timm hooked me up with some shelves! So excited! Now we can actually use that unusable space! The cabinets look so much cleaner now! I am excited.

While Timm was building shelves, I was addressing the envelopes for the party. I need to gather a couple more address but otherwise I am there!

Then we both ran on the treadmill. THEN we took the dogs swimming.

Then we started drinking and watching Lockup. Yup, there is no better ending to a day that productive than red wine, yummy cheeses, crackers, salami, and veggies with ranch.

We are also going to be redoing the bathroom in the very near future. I am going to take some before pics now.

Friday, May 29, 2009

And baby makes three?

Yep, you read that right. But no, we aren't pregnant right now. But we plan to try in AUGUST! The doc said that we are a healthy, young couple and we shouldn't have any trouble getting pregnant. Three months tops, then she quickly said that we shouldn't get discouraged if it takes longer than that. I am very excited and VERY nervous. I am glad that the lady I saw today is the lady that will walk us through our pregnancy. She said she could even be there during the birth.

Now we better get practicing! Woo!

Other names...

I have been thinking a lot about naming our children. I am not sure that I want our children to be names long hill or ridge. I have always secretly hated that Ashley means ash meadow. Here are some other names we are considering. This is the first time I have looked up the meaning.

Here goes nothing.

Aiden (girl) - firey, Gaelic origin. I have admit that I like that!
MacKenzie (girl) - son of Kenneth. That is obviously not true.
Taylor (girl) - tailor. Seems so very working class, that isn't necessarily a bad thing. I just don't want it to be so apparent in a name.
Peyton (boy) - village of the warrior. Hmmm, that's interesting.
Lexi (girl) - protector of mankind. Hmmm.
Jaxon (boy) - Son of Jack. I just really like the spelling of this name.
Kaden (boy) - violent.
Randi (girl) - wolf shield. Awesome.

So basically almost every name has a shitty meaning. That makes me feel better.


Timm missed his appt with the loan officer the other day because he had to work late. He has yet to make another one. I don't want to harass him until he does it again but it seems like I am always reminding him to do stuff that I can't...make loan appts, call him mom to get his dad's address, call his grandparents since it has been a while, etc. I don't want to nag but if I don't remind him shit doesn't get done. Annoying.

I still have to go get a pap today. Gotta think of a way to get out of that even though I haven't had one in about two years. I have to go. Plus the GYN will be able to tell me if I am healthy enough to have a babe and if there is anything that I need to do now to prepare for Aug. So I will just go. It can't be that bad, just totally intrusive. Nothing should ever touch your cervix, especially something with bristles.

Just because it has been a while since I have posted any pics, here is one from our wedding day.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Gettin Serious.

I have an appt on Friday to go see the OB/GYN to see if I am healthy enough to have a baby and see if there is anything that I need to be doing now (taking vit b or folic acid or whatev). Oh and gotta throw in a pap. EW. Oh well. The joys of being a girl.

I am totally obsessed with child birth and how horrible it is going to be. I am hoping that if I build it up to be really horrible in my head then when the time comes it won't be nearly as bad. Ha. I am sure that won't happen. I am pretty sure it is going to be horrendous. But people do it everyday and most people do it more than once so it can't be that bad.

Timm is going to the bank today to see if he can get approved for a home loan, well how much he can get. So hopefully we will be able to start getting serious about our home search. Although there really isn't too much out there right now. There is one that is interesting, it will need work we just don't know how much. It is only $129,000 and has two houses. Small houses but houses nonetheless.

Here's to getting approved for a home loan!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

What's in a Name?

Landon means long hill or ridge. How important is the meaning when you're naming your child?

Ashley means an ash meadow or ash tree clearing.

Timmothy is derived from some crazy Greek word that means honouring god.

Something tells me that our parents didn't put thought into the meaning behind the name.

I am trying to figure out the financials of the whole baby thing. It is going to be expensive and there are things that we haven't even thought of I am sure. But to save money later we can get a convertible crib, those are so cool. They turn into a big kid bed when the time comes. Gotta love that!

Did you know there is IKEAs in the Middle East?! Craziness.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Baby. On. The. Brain.

Nursery and financial planning for our future child. I am thinking brown and green will be neutral for a boy or a girl. I love the jungle theme in the first one! A couple shelves on the wall with jungle animal stuffed animals = perfection!

I like this one but I would paint a green stripe where the pink one is.

I love turtles!


Dar has a friend visiting from PA. Yesterday we sat around drinking wine. All. Day. Seriously, we started at 10:30. Wow. Slightly hungover today. Anyway, she has a kid that is going to be two in a couple weeks. She was so cute with Timm. She was scared at first, we think it is because he's so tall but once she realized how cool he was she didn't want to leave him! It was really cute. She was showing him around the backyard and holding his hand. I wish I got a picture of it. She is so little and he's over 6 feet tall! Needlesstosay, he had to bend over to hold her hand.


Thursday, May 21, 2009

It's Been a While.

Timm and I are planning our reception for July 10. I am finally starting to get excited about it. Timm is too. He has been watching the ads for deals on beer and non parishable items. He got 6 cases of beer last night for $150. That's a good deal. We have a DJ and we just need to work on getting the lights to light up underneath the tables. That isn't the only thing left but that and ordering and prepaying for the wine are on the list for today.

We have officially set our honeymoon for August 14-23! We fly into San Juan on Friday night and we set sail on Sunday night for an uberfabulous souther caribbean cruise. I can't wait.

We leave out of San Juan on Sunday night at 10.
Monday at 7am we get to St. Thomas.
Tuesday at 10am we get to Donimica.
Wednesday at 8am we get to Barbados.
Thursday at 8am we get to St. Lucia.
Friday at 8am we get to Antigua.
Saturday at 7am we get to St. Kitts.
Sunday we return to San Juan.

We plan on staying in San Juan Friday and Saturday night before we leave since we have never been there. We are flying all the way there we may as well stay a while.

In other big, secret news - we are going to try to have a honeymoon baby. I am hoping we will find out were pregnant in Sept. There will be no breaks needed from school if everything goes according to scedule and there are no complications. We are not telling anyone, we are hoping to avoid in possible pressure that way. So here's to babies. We have decided not to find out the sex of the baby until birth and we will name a him Landon Lee and a her Landon Rose. I am hoping for a girl. I love the name Landon for a girl. Timm really likes McKenzie. So if we may have to have two kids so he can have his name....

I am not sure how this whole living with Dar and Rich thing is going for me. I am the only one in the house that cleans. Rich (and kind of Timm) take care of the outside. Dar, well she doesn't do much. Our dogs stay here all day and dirty up the house and I am left to clean it up. Mom says we have a two year plan to get everyone out. I don't want to pay the mortgage on this place for my mom though. So we'll see. Rich was talking about moving out to Leslie's house since he can't afford rent. Dar really wants the back bedroom. So she'd be happy if that happened. We'll see. I don't want Dar to get to comfortable and stay longer than the summer. I doubt she will go anywhere. She likes living here, it is cheap for her, and she doesn't have to do anything but occasionally cook dinner and even then she only does it when she feels like it. I am a little bitter about all the cleaning I have to do around here.

She had a friend come over last night and they are staying in our extra bedroom. Dar didn't even ask if I needed the sheets cleaned. I had to change the sheets and wash the bedding because she had a friend come into town. I bet I will clean it all up when she leaves too. I am slightly bitter about that. I am trying not to let it get to me but the more I did last night the more annoyed I got.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


My boss is crazy. Now there is no amount of money that can make me stay. She is insane.

The best part is I apparently begged for my job back. I am still laughing about that one. I hate liars.

Never a dull fucking moment. She just called saying some guy assulted a woman right in front of her. She is on her way back to the office now.


Saturday, May 9, 2009


Last night we were hanging over at the nursery and Jaine says to me, "You're ripe. You'll have a baby in your arms in the next 11 months."

OMG, no. That's weird.

Monday, May 4, 2009


The kids that I used to nanny for are in need of another nanny. The nanny that replaced me quit on Saturday because she needs to move out of her apartment unexpectedly by May 12, to no fault of her own. The family that owns the house is in financial trouble and needs to move more family in. That's her story anyway. I think she just may be fed up with the kids and their family.

But that just means that I get to step in. To nanny again. So back to my old life. I will be working with them until I find a replacement again. We'll see. The kids and both sets of parents didn't like the replacement nanny so we'll see what kind of deal they will draw to get me to stay.

I admit, for the right amount of money I would stay or at least consider staying. If only the economy were a little better I could get a little but more money out of her.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Having a Baby?

Timm and I have been dsicussing having a baby soon, well not soon but possibly starting to try (or not prevent) near the end of the year. I am not sure how I feel about this. If Timm could carry the baby then I would be down for it.

I really don't want my body to be more messed up. I already fight with my weight and having a baby and trying to lose the baby weight and get rid of the stretch marks is going to be really hard.

I am not sure how to deal with this. I think I am going to buy some baby books. I need to educate myself on how to deal with this. I don't want my body messed up and I don't want to not be able to drink for 9 months or eat Sushi. I probably will anyway...I will be a bad mom.


Let's go over some pros and cons.

Pro - I will be a young mom which is what I want.
Con - I will be giving up my twenties.
Pro - Kid(s) will be moved out when I am in my early 40s.
Con - Baby weight.
Pro - I am young my body will be easier bouncing back.
Con - It is hard for me to lose weight.
Pro - Timm will be really happy and he will be a fabulous dad, better than I will be mom.
Con - Stretch marks.
Con - I like my sleep.

Maybe we should just get a German Shepher pup...

Friday, May 1, 2009


I am shooting a wedding next weekend. I am so scared. I really don't want to mess that up.

Silicia got a puppy, so I am super excited for her to get here! The shower is tomorrow too. Eeek. So many exciting things!