Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Being Married...

...is awesome.

I love it when people ask, "how is married life?" I don't really know how to answer so I just smile and say, "it's awesome." Knowing that someone is going to be there, on my side, for my whole life is a really great feeling.

Today is Charley's birthday. Timm and I have been puppy parents for 2 years today. Stay tuned for pictures of her dog party!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Earth Hour

Have you heard of it? Check out http://www.earthhour.org/. But here's the jist of it, everyone turns their lights off at 8:30 local time to fight against global warming.

So I warned Timm and Rich about it, I lit a bunch of candles, pulled out a game, some beer and wine, and turned the lights off at 8:30. They were not excited about it but we had so much fun! I think we should have Earth Hour everynight. I will be implementing it when we have kids!

Here are some pictures of us playing drunken Pictionary! Excuse my horrid look! Trust me the lights were off, the flash is just too intense. See the flash lights on the table?!

Cheers to Earth Hour!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Loving the Awesome Weather!

Yesterday it was in the mid 70s and today it was warmer. My uncle, Timm, and I went on a bike ride for a couple miles today and yesterday Charley and I went for a run. Keeping the activity up and loving the weather. Now here's to hoping we can sneak in some more rain before the uberhot summer starts!

I bought a new camera lens off the internet. It isn't going to be here until next week so Timm and I went to the store to play with it for a minute. Oh my goodness...loved it! I can't wait to get it in the mail!

The kid next door was brought home by the cops today. There really is nothing else exciting happening. I might make a wedding cake for Michelle's wedding it is on May 9th. I am headed to NYC next month and then LA. So I am pretty excited about all that!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Wine Classes Rock!

So I walked into class last Tuesday and there were four long tables set up and each place setting had a wine glass, spitoon cup, water cup, and bread on a plate. I knew I was going to like this class.

Then the teacher opens up the class with "I hate when I go to wine seminars and they wait over an hour to pour the wine, so I am going to get us started with some wine." Now I know I am going to like this class!

We ate a bunch of cheese and some salumi, no I didn't misspell salami. I am learning so much about wine and my palate. Sweet!

It was awesome. I loved every minute of it. Tonight we get to decide which goes better with Lamb, a Syrah or Pinot. Yumm!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Classes Tonight

I failed at staying well, despite my desperate attempts of drinking cup after cup of tea and drinking those Emergen-C packets yesterday. Today, I am so sick. I feel like crap but enough complaining.

I have my first wine judging class tonight. I am so excited! I hope that it is as much fun as I am aniticipating it will be. Plus if I could learn to professionally judge wine, that would win best job in the whole world award. A girl can dream right?

I officially have a new last name. I hate it but I think (read: I am hoping) I will learn to love it. Yesterday I got my new SS card in the mail and my new credit card. All with my new name plastered all over the front of them. And then there was a fabulous piece of mail, too bad it was junk, but there on the front it said, "Ashley and Timm my-last-name." Now why on Earth did we not do that?

Monday, March 16, 2009

Horse Adventures

I went out to feed the horse today. My mom used to tell me these stories about the cows and having to take a dog with them to chase the cows out because there were mean. So I knew there were cows out there. I have never seen more than one out there at a time. Well today, there were ten. Not kidding. I was a little bit in shock but decided to go for it anyway. There was a mom cow and a baby cow, a bunch of other adult cows and then I saw him, the big bull. But I have to admit I would take the cows over the sheep any day, the cows didn't even bother me and the sheep are all up in my business. The cows were so docile and cute, I wanted to take the baby home!

Here are some sheep pictures for good measure:
Love this picture of the little sheep peaking into the barn. He really didn't like the camera.
Believe it or not, that little sheep is the boy.

Goldie is always herding the sheep. She tells them where to go. If she hears gunshots, she herds them into the barn and doesn't let them come out for hours. It is so cute!
Now for the cow pictures...I didn't get very many pictures, all I had was my crappy cell phone camera and my cell phone is like 100 years old. That is the last time that I go feed the horse without grabbing the camera on my way out! Here are some pictures that I did get.

The big black one in the middle of this picture is the bull, he was trying to hump the smaller tan cow to the right of him. Yes, I stayed to watch and saw nothing. I wish I did though, I am not going to lie.

Charley's First Trip to the Snow

It is official, Charley loves the snow!
She ran, jumped, played, chased snowballs and ate them too.

Digging in the snow and there wasn't anything there.
Sitting still for one second to pose with me.

Waiting for Timm to throw the snowball...

Catching the snowball....
After catching the snowball.

Gotta sneak in my handsome husband.

Playing with a view.

Heading out.

She was just a little bit tired after we got home, even after sleeping for 4 hours in the car.
Tahoe Review:
We stayed at the Coyote Den in South Lake owned by Earl and Loraine. They are awesome. The recommended places for us to take our dog and eat dinner that night and for breakfast in the morning. There recommendations were fabulous, we didn't get to try them all but they wouldn't stear you wrong. Not all the rooms are allowed pets, so those with allergies are still able to stay at the Coyote Den. We paid $77 for the night and felt we were getting a good deal. There were cheaper hotels in the area but they were dirty on the outside. We were glad that we weren't staying at another hotel.
While slighty cheesy, the rooms were clean, the heater worked, the beds were comfortable and warm. We loved our stay. They served a continental breakfast in the morning that was full of yummy, fresh fruit and homemade pastries. There was coffee and tea served all day long along with some fresh cookies kept in an airtight container. When we ate some they were still warm!
The hot tub was the kept at 103, I like it to be a little warmer but I am sure this is because kids may use it. We were allowed to take our dog in to the hot tub area with us, so that was nice, although I think Charley was a little cold. The only complaint about the hot tub area is that it is close to the road. You can watch the cars pass by and they can see you in the tub. It isn't as private or as quiet as I would have liked. Overall, our stay was fabulous and we will be staying there when we go back to South Lake.
We took Charley to this dog park when we first arrived to South Lake. It wasn't as big as we expected it to be, there were only 5 or 6 other dogs in there at one time and we felt it was a little crowded. There is a separation for small dogs and big dogs. People don't have control over their dogs, which I always find a little annoying even if we're in a dog park. The snow was packed down pretty hard but it was a nice place for Charley to get all her energy out from sitting in the car for 4 hours. We had more fun when we went for a little walk around the dog park. The snow was deeper and even though Charley had to be on a leash she was able to run and play a little.
Tahoe Keys South Lake Marina -
This was awesome. Even though we were supposed to keep Charley on a leash we didn't, there were other dogs there that weren't on leashes. There is a walking/jogging trail that leads you from the parking lot to the lake. It wasn't that far of a walk to the lake from the parking lot. It is an easy walk as there is no incline, it got a bit icy at times but it was easy to get around. The view was amazing with the mountains over the lake and the marina on the other side. There weren't that many people there but the people we did see were friendly as were the other dogs that we met. I imagine it is more crowded in the summer but we didn't have any trouble finding parking and we had most of the path to ourselves.
Margaritas Mexican Cafe - 2494 Lake Tahoe Blvd, South Lake Tahoe, CA 96150, USA
Phone: +1-530-544-6907
This place was delicious. The staff was friendly and service was quick. We ordered the nachos and the 2 item combo with chile rellenos and chimichangas. The nachos were delicious, the salsa, quacamole were homemade and limey. The nachos were not microwaved which was nice. The food was so good. The chile rellenos had a delicious green sauce with two different cheeses. I don't really like the chimichangas but Timm said it was delicious and full of meat. Our plates were hot. I love it when the plates are hot.

Saturday, March 14, 2009


Photo from - Steve Shames

We're taking a little family outting to Tahoe today. We are spending the night in a cheap little hotel in South Lake and Charley is going to see the snow! I think I am more excited than she is. Timm and I have never been to the snow without the intention of skiing, so actually "seeing" Tahoe should be a blast, even if we are seeing it from a dog's perspective.
Off to go make Timm some coffee and hop in the shower so we can be on the road by 10!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The Joys of Unemployment

Still job hunting but loving life.

I am so enjoying unemployment, well kind of unemployed I am working for SB for a couple days a week. I love having Timm come home to a clean house and dinner planned if not already started. Some kind of dessert made. I think he likes it too. I am hoping that I can make it by with just these 16 hours per week. I don't really want another job. Plus I am going to be back in school full time soon and I think it may be a little more intense than what I am used to!

We are thinking of taking Charley to the snow this weekend. I am on the hunt for some budget friendly but nice hotels that accept dogs. That is turning out to be somewhat of a challenge.

I have to go find some lunch now. I'm hungry!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Still Unemployed

That job at Paradise Ridge Winery...event staff. Every weekend for the entire summer. Needlesstosay, I will not be taking that job.

I am still on the hunt. I enjoy not working and keeping the house clean and cooking dinner and what not but I am a little stressed about running out of money. I am still working 1 day/week with Stacie and she is starting a new venture so there will be one or two days a week there but that requires commuting. At least I would be commuting for $25/hour instead of $12. But I may as well work with the kids. I like them more than the office.

My wine classes start in two weeks. I am looking forward to that. Wine tasting class...so cool.

Other than that, I have had babies on the brain recently. I don't want kid but there are many girls that are I can't help but think about what it would be like to be preggo or having a toddler. I am sure I wouldn't be good at either one. I love wine and my alone time and my freedom. But still those little thoughts sneak in....

Monday, March 2, 2009

Job Update...

I forgot to add...

I am up for my dream job. Not kidding.

I emailed Paradise Ridge Winery in Santa Rosa before we left for Mexico asking them if they have any openings in their special event department and announcing that I am trying to break into the wine industry. And they called me back and I have an interview on Thursday morning. I can't wait. I so hope I get this job. I could still be in school and it would be wedding and wine related...these are my two favorite things, besides Timm and my dog of course!

Crossing my fingers!

Wedding Recap

Our wedding was so much more fabulous than anything I could have ever hoped for. It was an emotional and awesome day for us. Almost everything went perfect and the big things that went wrong just ended up making our day more fabulous. I loved every minute of it. It is really too bad that people only get one wedding day...unless they get remarried....we should get more. ;)

The mariachi trio was paid to stay an extra hour and we danced to our first dance song played by them, Contigo. I have to look it up and find it now. I want to know what it says. Then the DJ found our first dance song after searching for it all night long and we did our first dance as our last dance on the boat as it was pulling into the dock, it couldn't have been a more perfect ending to our amazing wedding. All this happened because our iPod broke on the way from the boat to the reception site. We thought it did, really the battery died. I had been playing it all day in my room on the dock when it was plugged in but apparently the plug I was using was broken. We found that out a little too late. Oops. I am secretly glad it happened that way!

Our wedding was so much more amazing that I ever thought it would be and it was so calming for my parents too. They all sat around the pool until like 1ish when they had to go get ready. Nicole took care of everything. I can't wait to get our pics back from Josh and Ariel. They were raving about Las Caletas. It was the most unique and beautiful location that they have ever shot at. Las Caletas really was amazing. It was like something out of a dream.
I am so happy that I will be spending the rest of my life with Timm. I am the luckiest girl in the world....except for having to have the last name Cherney. I really don't like it, hopefully I will get used to it. I did officially change my name. Well almost officially, I have papers to mail in and what not. It is important to me that when we have kids we all have he same last name. Stacie brought up a good point about the last name problem in my life too...since I was seven my last name has had a negative connotation: Steve. Either he was wanting to adopt me and not doing it, yelling at my mom, being angry, or they were divorcing. Leaving me with a name that was never legally changed which just eventually caused more drama in my adult life. So now my name has been changed for me and Timm, there is finally a good connection to my name and I did it because I wanted to and we are starting a family. Our family may just be us for a while but we are still a family. I love him and I love the connotation my name has now, even if it isn't a name that I particularly like.