Sunday, February 15, 2009

Some Treat Pictures

Had fun baking the other night. I made toffee and Grasshopper Brownies. Delicious!

Only 6 more days until the wedding! Oh my goodness, I am so ridiculously excited. It isn't even funny!

Saturday, February 14, 2009


We had a mini-impromptu party on Thursday night. I made some toffee and some Grasshopper Brownie Bites. They are delicious, rich brownies with mint frosting and chocolate frosting. MMM.... Pics to come.

Happy Valentine's Day! There is only one week until our wedding day! Holy moly! I can't believe how close it is. I am so excited it is ridiculous! At the party my mom was asking me to be sure that I wanted to marry Timm and saying that I could still back out. No one will ever be good enough for me in her eyes. Timm handles it well. My mom can be quite bitchy and Timm takes it in stride. I love him so much and there is no doubt in my mind that marrying Timm is what I want. He is perfect for me, we are a great match.

Yesterday we celebrated Valentine's Day. It was very romantic. I hope that we have random days like that for the rest of our lives. We made a delicious dinner, sat by the fire, watched a movie, and then went to bed. It was simple and perfect. No expensive dinner, simple cards with love notes for gifts, just perfect.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Now an Update!

I promise I will be a better blogger, starting right now!

So we are officially home! Back at the River! It is absolutely fabulous! I am loving it! I am so excited to get home from work and take a swim in the river, have family BBQs whenever we want, and not have to leave on Sunday when everyone is still partying!

The (semi)bad news....I don't have a job. I am OK with it right now. I have some savings and the wedding is 9 days away! Eek! So I am enjoying my time off to do wedding projects and cook and clean for my almost husband. I have never been the "housewife" type but I am loving it right now. I think he does too. He comes home and the house is clean, the house is warm, dinner is planned, and the dog and I are excited to see him!

I do have an interview on Wednesday (yes, the day before we leave) in San Rafael. That is so far away from Monte Rio, I don't know if I want the job. But I haven't interviewed anywhere in over three years, so the practice will be good. I also got a call for wedding coordination for a wedding in April yesterday. I may post another ad on Craig's List and see if I can book any weddings for the summer. I don't really want to work weekends but the extra money would be nice and I really do love weddings.

We are living with Rich, my uncle. It isn't so bad. He isn't always in my face as I thought he would be. He keeps to himself. We feed him dinner and he raves about the food and cleans up the mess. He plays with my dog when I am not home. All in all, I like it. It is like having a built in dogsitter who I pay in dinner!

I feel like we are in such a good place in life right now. It is awesome. I couldn't be happier...well maybe if I had a job lined up for when we return. But for now I am enjoying and embracing joblessness!

With vacation looming around the corner, life is good.

We are leaving one week from today for the wedding trip. It seems so surreal and crazy. I can't believe I am getting married! Timm said last night that he was getting nervous, "getting married is a big deal." It is really cute. I just don't really know how to make him feel better. Hmmm, I will have to think on that. He has been thinking about his speech for a couple days now and I think that is what is making him so nervous. He doesn't like speaking in front of groups, no matter what the size.

And becuase I am wedding obsessed.....Some wedding details!

-We have 19 guests including ourselves and our fabulous photographers.
-We are taking a boat out to Las Caletas, which leaves from Puerto Vallarta.
-Timm and I are going to do a private "first sighting" so we can have some alone time and take all our couples pictures.
-We are having a buffet and a dessert buffet, but no cake.
-We recently decided to have a wedding party again. I decided that I couldn't get married without Silicia standing next to me.
-I talked to the photographer and videographer yesterday to finalize all the details of the timeline and what is expected of them. I am so beyond excited for our pictures. Steph got her wedding pics back a couple days ago, they are simply amazing. She looks amazing, the place looks amazing, and he looks fab in his tux. But Josh and Ariel are beyond fabulous!
-All the drama that I was worried about seems to be gone.
1. Grandma wouldn't get off my case about having Papa and dad walk me down the aisle. So I will walk a majority of the way and they will meet me at the chairs.
2. Grandma wanted me to wear her jewelry for the wedding for my something borrowed. So Dar picked out the simplest diamonds she had. They look amazing with the dress. I feel like it is a little overdone for a beach wedding but I am the bride and I am allowed!
3. I don't care about something old, borrowed, blue, and new BUT apparently it is a big deal if you dont have that. So I need something old....

I guess that's it for wedding details....I can't believe we are in single digits until the wedding day!

Much Needed Update But First....

a Bachelorette Party Review!
My Bachette party was awesome! Silicia totally rocked my limo party. The bus had karaoke and lots of booze. We had a tour of Heartford, so awesome! We went to 6 wineries and were on the bus for 8 hours, wow. I loved every. single. minute.
After the bus dropped us off all 16 of us ate dinner at my house and then 10 of us climbed into a 7 passanger Highlander and went to party in Guerneville. So fun! Here are some pics!

Oh my, the drunk girl in me deffinetly came out that night!

Oh the mess the next morning. At one point in the night we switched from wine. Probably not one of my finer decisions in life but hell yeah for no hangover!