Sunday, September 28, 2008

Rude Awakening!

I am house/dog sitting at Dar's this weekend. So I go upstairs this morning and there is runny poops all over the dining room. Gross. I mean a lot, three huge piles on the carpet and a bunch of little dabbles.

I had to take the carpet outside and hose it off! Hopefully it dries today.

I went downstairs to get Timm to help me. "I am sorry," that was his response....basically telling me I had to clean it myself! So annoying.

Then Charley had liquid poop outside. EW. Charley came back inside and threw up in the living room.

I am sick of bodily funtions. Gross!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Welcome Hockey Season!

Tuesday night was the Shark's Team Teal vs Team White Scrimmage. It was awesome!

Jeff Friesen played and he hasn't been a Shark in 6 years. Dar was uber-excited when she got the picture that she has been waiting to get signed for like 6 years! This is a picture of how cute it was getting the picture signed.

We love us some Jeffie! Let's hope he makes the team so we can see him in Teal all the time.

GO SHARKS! It the year for the Sharks to get the cup!

Friday, September 19, 2008

Don't go to the vet on Friday!

Charley needed to go to the vet to get her updated shots, which I wouldn't have worried about too much except for the fact that mom has a new pup and I want Charley to be able to hang out with her unless she is up to date on all her shots. Anyway, I take Charley to the vet and the vet tech was a bitch to me and it cost me $258!

I thought Charley was a healthy girl, apparently I was wrong! She has an ear infection that spread to her eye, she has a rash under her front left leg, and she is 4 pounds over weight and I have to feed her less food. Oh wow. I would be excited if I was only 4 pounds overweight!

I don't think she is fat at all, this is a picture of her at the beach on a random Tuesday when I bailed on work...I called it a Personal Sanity Day. Occasionally, they are needed! You can see that she goes in on the sides and has a little waist!

I have to bring my kitties to the vet to get their shots updated....but I think I will wait.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

So I think I found it!

I am going to apply for the SRJC Dental Hygiene Program. I am excited. This next 8 months or so is going to be hell, trying to fit in those extra prereqs. that I need. So here I am, embarking on a new journey into the dental world. Lucky for me, I have a connection! Thanks, mom!

Timm is so great since he supports me and almost every decision I make. It makes me feel so good that he wants to help me make the right decision. He talks things out with me and helps me to see all sides, which I am bad at doing unless someone is pointing me in the right direction.

So wish me luck! I think that it is going to fulfill all the needs in the previous post. I will be helping people, I won't have to work a lot, I will make enough money to support myself and my family working part time.

Now hopefully mom and Ty get that property they put in an offer for then Timm and I will be able to go four wheeling whenever we want!

Timm and I are headed to Mexico in about a month to set an official wedding date and find the perfect location! I can't wait for that part of it to be done! I want to get onto making some fun projects. As soon as we figure it all out I will be making some Save the Dates to send out to all invited!