Saturday, November 22, 2008


I can't believe I have yet to blog about this....

We are MOVING home! I can't wait!

Our lease is up February 1st, so the last weekend in Jan. we will be back on the river. Seriously couldn't be more excited. We are hoping to move sooner but we have to find a way to get out of our lease. Hopefully he lets us try to sublet it. I am also going to tell him that I lost my job and we aren't sure how we are going to pay rent. It would be in his best interest to let us out if he wants money....but he's an ass so we'll see.

My mom is buying the most amazing property on 7 acres with Ty. She will be able to keep her horse there, Timm and I will be able to get one if we want one. We will be able to ride our four wheelers out our back door. I can't wait! This is a move that I am excited for! Plus rent will be cheaper! Woo!

I told Stacie....that was interesting. She handled it better than I expected. She is letting me telecommute to do the bookkeeping. I think this was part of the reason that she fired me and then took a minute to think about it and rehired me. She is crazy. But I seriously will not be able to find a job with flexible hours and that will pay me as much as she does, especially while in school. I will be able to work from home or campus if I have a break or anything like that. So I am really grateful to her for letting me do this. I am going to help them hire a new nanny too. So hopefully, all goes well.

I haven't told the kids yet, this is my goal after Thanksgiving. I will tell them then. Gabe isn't going to care, Isabel will be sad. Which will make me sad....

Wedding Related...yes, more!

I am so glad that we decided to move the wedding up. I am so excited that in about 90 days we will be leaving to get married!

We have the most fabulous photographers, who are as excited as we are about our wedding, a great coordinator, and a perfect location. Las Caletas and Josh and Ariel are probably the best wedding related decisions we have made. I love them. I seriously could not say enought fabulous things about either one. I hope that Las Caletas lives up to my hype. :) Seriously though, so many people get married there and I have read so many reviews that I am not worried.

Not to mention that I will be getting married to probably the most fabulous man in the world. I love him so much and I can't wait to be his wife. Now if I could just get him to travel more, we'd be set!

Last night we started picking out first dance songs, since Stephanie and Daniel chose the same song that we chose (The Way I Am - Ingrid Michealson) and we never talked about it. We are so random like that! One time when we were younger we went shopping separetly and came back with the same pair of shoes!

Anyway, we have our choices narrowed down to four songs....after four or five hours and lots of wine.

Norah Jones - Come Away With Me
Jason Mraz duet - Lucky
Darryl Worrley - Tequila on Ice
Micheal Buble - Everything
Jack Johnson - Better Together

Now we have to work on the playlist for the entire wedding....oh man.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Oh. My. God.

Stacie is crazy. I am pretty sure it is official.

She fired me this weekend and then hired me back. I don't even get it.

Then she said that she may have to close doors for all of Dec and half of Jan with only two weeks notice. She is crazy.

I can't even handle it.

That's all for now.

Monday, November 10, 2008


I am applying to Sonoma State's Business Admin. Wine Program.

I have to get out of the city. I hate it here. I hate my job, I hate my house, I hate Crockett.

Today I started my new workout/get pretty for the wedding plan.

Monday - Shred am, run 30 mins pm
Tuesday - Shred
Wednesday - Shred am, run 30 mins pm
Thursday - Shred or run 40 mins
Friday - Shred
Saturday - long run - 4+ miles with Timm and Charley
Sunday - Abs only - off day

Plus, I am taking the diet pills that I ordered hella long ago and never took and I am following the weight watcher plan. Also, I am putting on the skin darkening lotion so I am not pasty white in February for my wedding.

Here's to hoping for a beautiful Ashley on my wedding day, which is only 103 days away!!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

I hate my job.

I have the shit job. Someday I will not have the shit job anymore. I will have a big girl job and I will be a respected person. I will get more than three weeks paid time off per year and I will get many paid holidays. I won't have to work weekends and I will love where I live and I will travel a lot.

Thanks all for now.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008


I totally forgot to say! Obama won last night! It was announced around 8pm! I am so excited. I was going to move to Mexico if McCain won, so I guess I am secretly a little disappointed too! HAHA!

My favorite quote of the night was from McCain actually, during his consession speech, "the American's have spoken and they have spoken clearly." I'd say this is the case with Obama getting 349 electoral votes to McCain's 147.

Here's to hoping for the change that Obama promised!

Now we are waiting on the results from Prop 8....yes is winning but not all votes have been counted. Let's hope for a miracle.

Some Stuff for Steph's Wedding

This is some signage that I made for Steph and Daniel's wedding. I think they turned out pretty cute. Chocolate Brown and Burnt Orange are her colors, I went for a brighter orange so they stand out a little bit more.

These are the Reserved Seating Signs. You can't see the design but it looks like the "Bride" and "Groom" sign, except it says reserved. They are really cute.

These obviously are the Bride and Groom Signs. Also, super cute, if you ask me!

I so love doing projects like this....if only someone would hire me to do only this kind of stuff and I made a lot of money doing it! HAHA!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

New Spot at Work

I hate my new spot at work. The whole office moved. I don't really like the new place and I really don't like being out in the open where everyone can see what I am doing on the computer. It bugs me.

I am complaining about this and Kristyn's fiancee just got shot in the head and he is in surgery. I am lame.

Prayers to them.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Random Thoughts

Wow, yesterday was so annoying. All week Stacie, my boss, has been telling us that all we had to move in the office this weekend was our desks. She kept saying she was hiring people off the street and renting a u-Haul to do the rest. Well come Sunday morning. That is not the case, there is no u-Haul and no people from the street. In fact, it is just the opposite. We are guilt tripped into helping her move because, "no one was here yesterday to help me and I packed up the whole office by myself."

If she was more clear about what she wanted and whether or not we were getting paid, things would have been a little different. But wheatever. At the end of the night, she fixed it again, she paid Timm $150 to help. He totally didn't do $150 worth of work. So that was good news. But I still hate being guilt tripped and I hate even more that I let her annoyances go out the window when she hands over cash. I hate that I am so money motivated.


Here are some random things that I have been thinking about lately.
-Someday I will have enough money. I don't have to be rich but I want to be set. I don't want to worry about paying bills or buying groceries or a new pair of pants because they are cute and I want them.
-Someday, I won't care what other people think and I will do what I want, when I want, because I want to.
-Someday, I won't let what I think other people think or say about me affect me and what I think about myself.
-Someday, life is going to be easier.
-Someday, I will live abroad....and Timm will come.
-Someday, Timm will be more open to doing more exciting things and not making me feel bad about doing them.
-Someday, Timm will be able to make more money and I will stop hearing the words "I will pay you back for that."

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Graphic Design

First I want to say...this new time change thing is weird. It is 7:36 in the morning and still very dark outside. Bush is a weirdo for deciding to have postpone changing the time. I am glad we are falling back this morning. Whew. We got to experience the time change twice...once in Mexico and then again here! HA!

Ok anyway. I really like designing invites and paper goods for my wedding. It has been pretty fun.
Here are my invites:

This is the monogram I used for the front cover. So simple and so cute!

It was interesting. I realized, I don't pay enough attention to detail as I should but that's ok. I made the boarding pass invites, cut them all and then I realized there was a typo! Oops, oh well.
I love the way these turned out. I learned a lot about ppt. I really like working with ppt. I wish I knew someone else that was getting married....besides Steph, since she doesn't want to do anything creative or fun, so I could do more design stuff.
Here is the monogram I designed for Steph, not that she wanted it. But, hey, I have been up since 4:30 am, I needed something to do! It turned out kind of weird when I uploaded it here, but you get the pic.

I have a lot of ideas for DIY stuff for our wedding. So hopefully more stuff will be coming soon. I could go make Steph a "Do Not Disturb" sign for their room on their honeymoon night. Will post pics!

Friday, October 31, 2008


I hate my job. Seriously. This is lame. I want to go to school full time. I don't even care about the loans. I think I should just deal with it.

I hate coming to work. I hate the shit I have to do. I hate that I hate my job.

I want a job that I like that makes lots of money and that doesn't take a lot of schooling.

I applied for some wine jobs yesterday. Hopefully something comes of that.


And I miss Ketzy. I always feel so bad about the fact that I couldn't save her. I hope she wasn't scared, although I am sure that she was. It so sucks to go outside and know that she is buried out there. I know she loved it here but it still makes me sad.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008


The wedding is planned! We are 116 days away.

This is awesome! I am so excited that we decided to move the wedding up 10 months. I am over wedding planning, so this is uber exciting.

The best news is we get to go on a fabulous vacation with all our family and friends to Mexico and go on a sail boat.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Lovely Kitty Ketzy

This is Ketziah, Ketzy for short. She adopted us, well she tried to adopt the first family I nannied for. She kept showing up at their door step to eat. Of course I would feed her. They didn't want to keep her and they said they were going to take her to the pound. I couldn't have that, especially since we had the same color hair. So I took her home and we placed signs around the neighborhood we found her in.
Well time went by and I got more and more attached to her. After a couple days, Timm said we couldn't keep her and she would have to go to the pound. I really, really didn't want this to happen. And I cried and cried and begged him not to take her. And he didn't.
We asked the landlady if we could keep her a viola! she was ours. A couple weeks later the old owner called and said that if we didn't want her we could just let her go, she would find our way home. We asked if we could keep her and she said we could. But by this time I would have had a really hard time letting her go. We had her at least two months by this time. She was only 7 months old when we got her.
She was the cutest cat. She had pink paw pads and freckles on her nose and lips. She didn't like to eat food that had been sitting in her bowl all day long, she always wanted fresh food. She had the loudest purr and whenever someone was sitting on the couch, she took advantage of the available lap. She sat and purred perfectly content she didn't even have to be pet, she just wanted to be near us, especially me. I think she knew that I wanted her and Timm really didn't.
She loved to be outside. She was a savage hunter, I was always taking humming birds away from her.
On October 22, we noticed that she hadn't come home since the night before. This is not like her, she is my little fatty. Whenever someone came home she would come inside to eat and then go outside to play again. I got really worried. I stayed home to look for her. I found her, between the neighbor's house and the fence. She wasn't moving. I was hoping it wasn't her. But it was. She was dead. She had no marks on her other than a little blood on her nose. The neighbor lady heard me crying and come over to help me. She said that, "We have had trouble in this neighborhood of people poisoning cats. I had my cat poisoned and Barry has had two of his cats poisoned. Take her to get tested for poisoning and call animal control."
So I get pissed and take her to the vet to get tested. I almost didn't get her tested because I didn't want to pay for it. I am glad I did because it turns out she was attacked by a raccoon. All her injuries were internal besides some scratches on her nose. The vet actaully said it was so severe they thought she got hit by a car.
I am glad to know that she wasn't poisoned and I don't have to move like tomorrow. But it sucks that she was killed by a raccoon. I knew I hated raccoons.
Ketzy was only 4 1/2. She died outside, doing what she loved, hunting in the backyard.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Working Out

I can't stay motivated. I am hoping that by writing a list of reasons that working out is great I will be more motivated to actually do it. I seem to lose less weight when I am working out so that is not motivation for me to do it.

-I feel like I look better even though it doesn't show in the scale.
-There are many health benefits to working out.
-Sweating feels good, I am getting rid of all the toxins and bad juju from the day.
-I am less hungry.
-I feel pretty good after I do it.
-My arms are actually gaining muscle.
-I can run faster than I used to be able to, especially now that I am running on a treadmill. I can track my progress.
-I can do more situps and leg lifts and I can go lower to the ground.
-Even though it is uncomfortable, I like being sore. I like to know that working out worked!

Thats all for now.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Wedding Related

I am getting excited about the wedding again! I have gone through months of hating it, planning it, paying for it, and guestlist. Ugh it sucks. But plans have changed....yes, again.

Instead of inviting everyone to a wedding in Mexico we are cutting it down to 18 (from 75) including us and the photographers. We are getting married on Las Caletas. In the marina in Puerto Vallarta we are catching a sailboat which will sail for 2 hours and offer appetizers and an open bar for all guests. Then we get to the island and get married, have dinner, dance, and drink and get back on the boat with more open bar and head back to Puerto Vallarta to go out on the town.

We are headed out to Puerto Vallarta for 4 days to finalize everything....we are meeting with the coordinator, putting down a deposit, and going hotel hunting. We want to find a hotel that is cheap but nice and cute. We want it to be on Old Town which is much more quaint and cute and like "real" Mexico that being in the marina or the Malecon District.

We are going to have a party for the rest of the guest list when we get back, over the summer.

Oh and we plan on moving the wedding up to February! I am so excited for all the planning and everything to be over and just be married!

Another bonus?! I get to wear my dress three times, once at the wedding, once at the trash the dress session, and once at the party at home. So excited!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Coolest Job Ever....

I think I found it!

I was searching, which is an awesome site for jobs in the wine industry which I so desperatly want to break into. It is so competitive though, it will be quite the challenge to break in. Anyway, I found a job for Events Coordinator in a winery in Calistoga and one in Napa. I am so excited, it doesn't even require a degree. I still want to get a degree so I searched public relations degrees and Sonoma State popped up with a Business Administration degree with a wine focus! Oh. My. God. It is fate.

I am applying to Sonoma State today when I get home and to the jobs that are offered. I can't even explain how excited I am. I know there is a huge chance I won't get the job but the fact that it is out there and there is no degree required and there is a degree in Sonoma County that offers a degree that will help me is so exciting.

For the first time, I think ever in my life, I am excited about a career opportunity. It is unreal. It makes me think that I finally found the perfect direction to go in. I can't wait. I am going to try to get Dar to take the classes with me. I know she would want to! So excited! eeekkkk!

I have been having a really hard time lately dealing with the fact that many of my friends are starting their careers and the fact that I am getting married and I don't even have a career. It bothers me and takes quite the toll on my self esteem. I have all these ideas of jobs that I think would be interesting (child psychologist, doctor, surgeon, hygienist, teacher, etc) but it will take so long to do it and I don't want to make another school/career mistake so I have been tentative to stick with an idea for too long. So this at least gives me the hope that I will be headed in the right direction!

Besides I love wine so even if I don't go that way with my career (even though I want to really, really bad) I will learn a lot about wine. YAY!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Over it!

I am ready to elope. Timm's family won't come to Mexico. The only people that are coming are his parents...if we pay for them. It seems that everyday someone else from his family can't come. I don't know what to do. I really want to get married in Mexico but only having my family there when we are supposed to joining our lives just doesn't seem fair.

I don't know what to do. It is so frustrating.

I also don't want to spend the money on a wedding either, local or destination. I hate this. I honestly never thought that I would hate planning my wedding. This seriously sucks. Spending all the money, deciding where to go, trying to make everyone happy including ourselves...everything. This sucks.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Rude Awakening!

I am house/dog sitting at Dar's this weekend. So I go upstairs this morning and there is runny poops all over the dining room. Gross. I mean a lot, three huge piles on the carpet and a bunch of little dabbles.

I had to take the carpet outside and hose it off! Hopefully it dries today.

I went downstairs to get Timm to help me. "I am sorry," that was his response....basically telling me I had to clean it myself! So annoying.

Then Charley had liquid poop outside. EW. Charley came back inside and threw up in the living room.

I am sick of bodily funtions. Gross!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Welcome Hockey Season!

Tuesday night was the Shark's Team Teal vs Team White Scrimmage. It was awesome!

Jeff Friesen played and he hasn't been a Shark in 6 years. Dar was uber-excited when she got the picture that she has been waiting to get signed for like 6 years! This is a picture of how cute it was getting the picture signed.

We love us some Jeffie! Let's hope he makes the team so we can see him in Teal all the time.

GO SHARKS! It the year for the Sharks to get the cup!

Friday, September 19, 2008

Don't go to the vet on Friday!

Charley needed to go to the vet to get her updated shots, which I wouldn't have worried about too much except for the fact that mom has a new pup and I want Charley to be able to hang out with her unless she is up to date on all her shots. Anyway, I take Charley to the vet and the vet tech was a bitch to me and it cost me $258!

I thought Charley was a healthy girl, apparently I was wrong! She has an ear infection that spread to her eye, she has a rash under her front left leg, and she is 4 pounds over weight and I have to feed her less food. Oh wow. I would be excited if I was only 4 pounds overweight!

I don't think she is fat at all, this is a picture of her at the beach on a random Tuesday when I bailed on work...I called it a Personal Sanity Day. Occasionally, they are needed! You can see that she goes in on the sides and has a little waist!

I have to bring my kitties to the vet to get their shots updated....but I think I will wait.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

So I think I found it!

I am going to apply for the SRJC Dental Hygiene Program. I am excited. This next 8 months or so is going to be hell, trying to fit in those extra prereqs. that I need. So here I am, embarking on a new journey into the dental world. Lucky for me, I have a connection! Thanks, mom!

Timm is so great since he supports me and almost every decision I make. It makes me feel so good that he wants to help me make the right decision. He talks things out with me and helps me to see all sides, which I am bad at doing unless someone is pointing me in the right direction.

So wish me luck! I think that it is going to fulfill all the needs in the previous post. I will be helping people, I won't have to work a lot, I will make enough money to support myself and my family working part time.

Now hopefully mom and Ty get that property they put in an offer for then Timm and I will be able to go four wheeling whenever we want!

Timm and I are headed to Mexico in about a month to set an official wedding date and find the perfect location! I can't wait for that part of it to be done! I want to get onto making some fun projects. As soon as we figure it all out I will be making some Save the Dates to send out to all invited!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Career-Minded Chicka

I am trying to find a career, a passion, a direction for my life. I don't have one. I took The Free Career Test at, it came out with interesting results. Basically this is what it came out with:

Occupational Interests
Percentile Profile
Administration -13th percentile
Art -47th percentile
Clerical -16th percentile
Food Service -71st percentile
Health Service-92nd percentile
Industrial Art-37th percentile
Outdoors -95th percentile
Personal Service-65th percentile
Sales-5th percentile
Science-74th percentile
Teaching / Social Service-71st percentile
Writing-81st percentile
So basically I like to be out doors, I like health services and writing. So, now I am on to finding a career that fits those types. suggestions?
I have no idea what I want to do with my life and it haunts me everyday. It seems as though all of my friends are out of school. My BFF just graduated nursing school and passed the Nclex, so she will be getting a big girl jb any day now. My older cousin is a nurse as of December. My younger cousin is an RDA. I feel like I am the only one in my social circle who doesn't even have a direction. I think I would feel better about going to school if I had a driection, something that I really wanted to do. I don't. That is the frustrating, sad part. I feel like I am so behind in life. Did I miss something somewhere? Where did I go wrong?
I am searching around a bit for my answers, how to find a career that will stimulate me and make me happy and offer me everything I want out of a job. Well Oprah has five questions to help you:
1. Does this job allow me to work with my people-individuals who share the same sensibilities about life-or do I have to put on a persona to get through the day?
2. Does this job challenge me, stretch my brain, or in any other way make me smarter?
3. Does this job open the door to potential future jobs because of brand or company title?
4. Does this job represent a considerable compromise for the sake of my family? Am I willing to make that compromise?
5. Does this job fulfill me day to day?
I will answer these questions about all the ideas for jobs that are going through my head.